Minor Injuries Units Leeds

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Minor injuries unit – St George’s centre

Address: St George’s Road, Middleton, Leeds, LS10 4UZ.
Phone: 0330 311 5106 or NHS 111.

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday: 8:30am-11pm
Open 7 days a week – including Bank holidays (closed Christmas day).


To alleviate the pressure at the local A&E units, patients can attend the Minor Injuries & Illness (MIU) facilities.

They can treat;

  • Sprains and strains,
  • Broken bones,
  • Infected wounds,
  • Minor burns and scalds,
  • Minor head injuries,
  • Stitch cuts,
  • Removal of foreign bodies from ears, noses etc,
  • Removal of splinters,
  • Dressing of minor wounds, cuts and grazes,
  • Apply plaster of Paris,
  • Bites and stings,
  • Minor eye injuries,

Please Note

  • The X-Ray facility is available daily from 9 am until 8:30 pm. After 8:30 any patient who requires an X-Ray would be advised to attend LGI or return to St George’s Centre the following day (depending on injuries).
    They do not X-Ray: Skulls, Facial Bones, Sternum, Chest/Ribs, C-Spine, Lumbar Thoracic Spine.
  • They do not deal with: Cardiac, respiratory or abdominal conditions, Minor surgery (such as Cysts,  abscesses or foreign bodies), Anaphylaxis, Child protection issues, Unwell limp child, Do not manipulate deformed fractures, Children under 3 months old.

For general advice contact the freephone NHS 111 number.