What is a Carer?

A carer is someone who helps look after a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem.

What Might a Carer do?

A carer helps someone to cope with everyday living. Depending on their condition, the person you care for might require more help on some days than others. All circumstances are different, but a carer might help with the following;

  • Personal care – washing, dressing or taking medication.
  • Household tasks – shopping, cleaning, cooking and laundry.
  • Financial matters – dealing with bills, writing letters.
  • Supervision – Watching over someone who can’t be left alone.
  • Travel assistance – Getting out and about or going to appointments.
  • Emotional support – Friendship, listening and advice.

What Can I do if I’m a Carer and I’m Struggling?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, telling someone how you feel is the first step to feeling better.

  • Visit your GP: Tell them that you are a carer and discuss the impacts that this could be having on your health.
  • Seek counselling: Ask your GP to refer you to a counselor or you can look one up yourself.
  • Get information and advice: The Charity Depression Alliance offers useful help and advice. Alternatively, you could visit Carers Direct, Connect For Health or Leeds OHAS. Information for these sites are available on this page.

Carers Direct

Carers Direct is the official website designed to help you get the help and support that you need as a carer. It offers all the information that you should need to get the financial help that you’re entitled to, as well as advice on getting a break from caring, going to work and much more.
Click Here to visit their website.

Connect For Health

Connect for Health is designed to give support to full-time carers. They provide counselling, finance and debt advice, fitness groups, community and cultural groups, support for physical and emotional issues as well as providing creative groups and activities. Click here to visit their website.
Phone: 0113 387 6380
Email: [email protected] Or follow them on Facebook or Twitter

Leeds OHAS

Leeds OHAS provides support for carers who also work in the Leeds area. They provide support for those who are struggling in the workplace due to their caring responsibilities.
Click here to visit their website.
Phone: 0113 3453303
Email: [email protected]

Carers Leeds

Carers Leeds provides support for full and part-time carers in the Leeds area. They provide help and advice for what you can do as a carer. They also provide help for those in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
Click here to visit their site.
Phone: 020 7378 4999.