THE APPOINTMENTS SYSTEM GP consultations are by appointment only. It is our policy to meet the Government’s targets on access to both doctors and other healthcare professionals. Should you need to be seen we will ensure that you can see a doctor within 48 hours of your request and a healthcare professional within 24 hours. However if you are not sure that a visit to the doctor is necessary you can ask our receptionist to arrange for one of our GPs to advise you over the phone. If you do need to see a doctor, we respect your right to see the GP of your choice and will always endeavour to facilitate this. However, this may not always be possible as it will depend on the availability of that GP at the time you wish to be seen. Appointments can be pre-booked up to two weeks in advance. Each GP also has a number of appointments reserved for on the day booking. These are booked on a first come, first served basis. 

For ease of access, patients are advised to call as early as possible on the day they require an appointment in order to see a GP that day. The surgery operates a triage system when all available appointments on the day have been booked.  All requests for same day appointments at this time will be triaged by the GP who will contact patients by phone to decide on the urgency of the appointment or if telephone advice would be more appropriate. The surgery also offers appointments with a trained pharmacist on Thurs and Friday for reviews of medication. When booking an appointment the receptionist will ask for your name, address and date of birth. This is necessary in order to access your records. Please let us know of any change of address or telephone number without delay; failure to do so may mean that we are unable to provide you with the most appropriate access to healthcare. The receptionist will also ask for a brief description of your medical problem – this will ensure you are booked in with the most appropriate clinician. If more than one member of your family requires a consultation please inform the receptionist so that sufficient time is allocated and records are made available. If you have multiple medical problems to discuss that may take longer than the allocated appointment time then you may need to return for a further appointment .

MAKING AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE Patients can now book an appointment to see a GP on-line. Details of how to access this service are available at reception at all sites or see Online Appointments and Prescriptions NB. This service is only available to patients over the age of 16 due to data protection considerations.

e-Reception This is Gibson Lane Practice’s new web-based tool, enabling patients to contact the practice 7 days a week. Weekend submissions will be dealt with Monday morning.

Please answer the key questions and we’ll direct you to where you need to be.

NB We can only reply to your enquiries between 8am and 5pm Monday – Friday. Outside these hours we will respond the next working day.If your matter is urgent please call 111 or 999.

Note that e-Reception can only be used by registered patients of Gibson Lane Practice.

Please enter your contact information. We will use it to reply to you, to identify you and to verify that you are our patient. Note this is absolutely confidential and will not be shared CLICK HERE TO ACCESS ERECEPTION

CHAPERONE If you would feel more comfortable with another person present when attending surgery for an examination, you may either bring someone with you, or ask a member of staff to be present.

PUNCTUALITY/CANCELLATION Please let the receptionist know if you are unable to keep an appointment, as this time can then be used for someone else. Please be prompt when attending for appointments. Patients more than five minutes late for an appointment may not be seen and will be asked to rebook. Please note that failing to attend appointments repeatedly may lead to your care being ended at the practice.

OBTAINING A HOME VISIT If you are too ill to attend surgery please ring to request a home visit between 8.00 – 10.00am. The GP who visits you may not be the doctor of your choice. Home visits are made at the discretion of the GP. 

Only housebound patients or those with terminal illness will be granted a visit. If the patient has a rash or raised temperature, attending the surgery will not harm or endanger others, but please inform the receptionist on arrival. When requesting a home visit the receptionist will need to know your name, address and telephone number and basic details about your illness. Please remember home visits are time-consuming and a GP can see several patients at the surgery during the time a home visit takes. The GP has staff and equipment in the surgery to give you better attention and more effective patient care.