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Gibson Lane Practice Gibson Lane Kippax Leeds LS25 7JN Google Maps

Garforth Surgery 3/5 Hazelwood Avenue Garforth Leeds LS25 2AW Google Maps

Monk Fryston Surgery 37 Main Street Monk Fryston Leeds LS25 5DU Google Maps

e-Reception For ROUTINE appointments ONLY, please use our new tool e-Reception. Use e-Reception to contact the surgery 24/7. All weekend inquiries will be dealt with Monday.

Click the link below to use e-Reception.

All 7 digit numbers are Leeds (0113) derivatives]

Gibson Lane Practice General enquiries (in surgery hours) 287 0870

Appointments 287 0870 Fax number 232 0746

Garforth – Hazelwood Avenue General enquiries (Diverted to GLP when closed) 287 2563

Monk Fryston Surgery General enquiries (Diverted to GLP when closed) 01977 683452

Out of Hours Emergency Number : 0113 287 0870

Appointment Line:8.00-11.00 Triage:10.00-12.00/14.00-17.30