Travel Advice/Vaccinations

Please see the Travel Advice, Holiday Forms Travel Advice, Holiday Forms.

We are able to offer basic holiday advice and vaccinations however we are not a specialist travel centre with the expertise that is available at travel clinics, where they undertake extended training in Travel Medicine. If travel plans are complex and require Specialist advice we would recommend attending a specialist travel clinic. 

If you are travelling in less than 6 weeks from the time of contacting the surgery we will not be able to see you for your travel needs and you will be directed to specialist travel clinics.

Click the link to retrieve the Travel risk Assessment FORM.

Click the link to retrieve a page on How Travel Appointment Works PAGE.

Travel Appointments

Please see the Travel information for patients with information on immunisations and charges. If you would like to book an appointment at one of our surgeries, please print off and fill the Pre Travel Risk Assessment Form once completed, return to the surgery and arrange an appointment approximately 2 weeks later.

Specialist Clinics include:

Foreign & Commonwealth Office –

Masta Travel Clinic –

Leeds Travel Clinic at CityDoc –