Gibson Lane Practice

Gibson Lane, Kippax, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS25 7JN
Telephone: 0113 287 0870

Patient update re COVID-19 23/03/2020

We are constantly changing how we are working at the practice given the evolving covid 19 situation. Some of the changes that we have implemented are listed below:

• We are aiming to dramatically reduce our face to face nurse appointments – these will now only be for urgent tasks such as urgent bloods, immunisations, dressings and sutures. As a result, we will update some medications which usually require bloods at set intervals; we will ask patients to not attend as frequently for some injections such as vitamin b12

• Please use the link on our website and facebook page regarding long term conditions/vulnerable groups/sick notes and self isolating, please do not phone the practice for such information

• Patients must not attend any of our sites for any reason unless advised to do so by a clinician – Hazlewood Avenue surgery remains closed • We will continue to dispense medications at Monk Fryston but have a new system for handing over medications – this will be done at the front door , so patients do not come into the surgery

• Please be aware that we have no control over any of the local chemists – unfortunately they are under a huge amount of pressure dispensing medications but this is beyond our control – please do not phone us regarding this. In addition we will not issue prescriptions that are not yet due – this is adding to the pressure on the community chemists and is not necessary Dr C Hirst