When should I worry? Your guide to coughs, colds, earache and sore throats

‘When should I worry?’ is a booklet developed to provide information for parents about the management of respiratory tract infections (coughs, colds, sore throats and ear aches) in children. When Should I Worry?

What to do when your child has a fever

An advice sheet for carers of children younger than 5 years who have developed a fever has been developed by Leeds Children’s hospital. Advice for parents/fever

Having an ill child can be a very scary experience for parents. If you understand more about the illness it can help you to feel more in control. This booklet is for parents (and older children) and deals with common infections in children who are normally healthy. It is not meant for children who have ongoing health problems such as Asthma, heart or Kidney problems. You should not rely on the advice in this leaflet for children who are less than 3 months old. Babies younger than this can respond differently to infections.