Positive Feedback about our services

We’d like to thank our patients for giving us positive feedback. It’s nice to receive and makes our day. To provide us with your comments, good or bad, about our services and staff at any of our three sites, please either email [email protected] or leave comments on.

NHS Choices- leave feedback on Gibson Lane Practice

NHS Choices- leave feedback on Garforth (Hazelwood Avenue)

NHS Choices- leave feedback Monk Fryston Surgery

Below is some of the positive feedback we have received from our patients.

23 May 17– Ease of booking appointment and quality of consultation.

16 May 17- (The Phlebotomist Nicola was) efficient, positive & charming.

11 May 17- “to all staff of not just Gibson lane but all three surgeries.
My husband & I always get a brillaint service from everyone at our GP surgeries.

We do have to mention in particular Wendy, whom in our opinion should get an ABCD award, because she certainly went Above & Beyond the Call of Duty- she always does.
Thanks everyone & keep up the good work.”

4 May 17- (The Phlebotomist Angela was) efficient, positive & charming.

4 May 17- “An example to be followed. The system that the practice uses for booking an appointment is excellent.
Approximately 20% of appointments are prebookable, if you need an appointment or callback, ring between 8am and 8.30 am and you get an appointment or callback that day.
Superb service”

20 April 17- I have been going to Gibson Lane Practice for over 25 years now. I have never, never had any issues whatsoever. Yes you can queue on the telephone for absolutely ages which can end in not getting an appointment, but, come on doesn’t this happen at every practice these days. The issue is with patients not the staff. Why do patients need to go to the doctors with a common cold, or basic sore throat, ache or pain. If patients used the practice properly then there would not be an issue with trying to get an appointment as it would cut down on waiting times for appointments. If the appointment is urgent ie you are really ill the practice will go out of their way to help you.
The nursing staff are always friendly and helpful.
As regards receptionists they have a really stressful job trying to keep the queue down on telephones and helping patients queuing etc. They are very friendly and helpful.
Drs a couple of them are more concerned about getting you in and out in ten minutes, where others are very thorough Drs and will get to the bottom of your illness even if it takes months of tests to get to the cause of your illness, this I call dedication.
I would personally recommend this Practice and have no intention of changing to any other Practice in the area.

30 May 17 –  “I was very impressed with Lorraine (receptionist) this morning.”

2 May –  “Thank you to all the staff for the care I received when I came in to see the oncall GP yesterday. All is well, it was a broken rib. Very grateful for the way I was looked after at the surgery.”

20 May – “Thank you to all the staff who helped me when I felt ill at Garforth, I am very appreciative.”

21 May – “I would like to compliment you on your excellent treatment for my family throughout the years”

6 July – “I would like to praise the health service. I am very grateful for all of the service I have received.”

17 July – “Appointment prompt, Dr Townsend was Polite and informative.”

20 July – “I am very happy with the text messages that I receive from the practice.”

25 Oct – “I would like to praise the services provided by the practice especially  Dr Calvert.”

16 Nov – “I find the staff friendly and accommodating and was very appreciative.”

17 Nov – “I felt compelled to drop you an email following a recent call to the surgery. I was lucky enough to get Wendy on the other end of the phone, her professionalism, empathy and efficiency was first class.  It is often difficult enough having to see a doctor, however having someone like Wendy at the end of the phone is very reassuring.  She is an absolute asset to the surgery.
Please pass on my thanks for helping us patients feel assured and comfortable.”

27 Nov – “I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and all the doctors and nurses for your help and kindness throughout the year.”

15 Dec- “We would like to thank the staff and GPs for all the assistance they have given us over the last few months.  Thank you.”

19 Dec- “Cath (at Monk Fryston) is so efficient, friendly and always has a smile for everyone.”

19 Dec- “I had concerns about my mum and found Sally-Anne to be caring, attentive and listened.  Within 15 minutes Dr Thake-Smith had rung her and put in to place  an action plan which she carried through as promised. I would like to thank Sally-Anne & Dr Thake-Smith for their professionalism and kindness yesterday.  I also wanted to praise the surgery generally.  I am not a patient with the Practice, but I have always found everyone to be very helpful.”

7 Jan 2018- Facebook feedback asking for recommendations for a GP surgery in the Garforth:

“Kippax Health Centre, been with them for 44 years, no problems getting appointments same day. Would recommend them,”

“Gibson Lane, Kippax Health Centre has a branch in Hazelwood Ave, Garforth which is also good, you can go to either surgery.”

“I’d recommend Hazelwood Avenue Surgery.”

“I work in Morley and hear colleagues and parents of the children I work with constantly complaining about not being able to get appointments and poor service; luckily it doesn’t seem to a problem at any surgery in Garforth, we are lucky.  My husband goes to the one on Fairburn Drive, that is part of Gibson Lane Surgery in Kippax and it seems great too.”

9 Jan 18– I would recommend the Practice because Nurse Reid had time for me, answered my questions and was efficient and caring.

11 Jan 18- We would like to thank Dr Smith for her exemplorary care in looking after their sister.

11 Jan 18- A patient’s daughter passed on her thanks to staff, nurses and GPs, who have dealt with her & her mother over the recent weeks.
She is particularly impressed that the GPs have made several phone calls to her & her mother that weren’t instigated.

5 Feb 18– patient wanted to pass on his thanks to Katie for being so helpful.

20 Feb 18- “I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Dr Grainger. She saw me this morning and I was in a bit of a state as I was feeling really unwell with tonsillitis. She was really kind to me and very helpful.

I’m grateful for being seen promptly and for being treated so well.”

20 Feb 18- We’ve also received a card for Sue thanking her for her help and saying sorry it was causing extra work for Sue (regarding a PMA).  She also stated that Dr Hirst is a lovely doctor & has a good patient manner.

22 Feb 18- All the Doctors and Staff are lovely and hard working.
Each and every one of them do there best for their patients. Thank you.

22 Feb 18- I can’t praise Dr Hirst enough.
She has been fantastic with me every step of the way. X

22 Feb 18- A pt called at the desk to say what a lovely patient man Dr Townsend is. He was so lovely this morning.

23 Feb 18– A patient wanted to pass on their thanks to Dr Rafiq.  He is a lovely GP.

23 Feb 18- A Monk Fryston patient wanted to say that the practice is the best he’s ever been to.

Feedback on the Nurse’s Award Success

26 Feb 18-  “Well done , thank you for all the care you give everyone.”
26 Feb 18- “Good news for the practice and good news for us Kippax Patients, as new patients at this practice my wife and l cannot fault the service we have experienced to date. Reception has been a nice experience with a friendly approach and efficient, behind the scenes it is apparent that health records are being scrutinised and follow up treatment has been effective, well done team keep up the good work.”
26 Feb 18- “Cream always rises to the top.”
26 Feb 18 -“Well done guys! I feel so proud having been taught by you all and will always treasure the memories! I’m so happy you got the recognition you deserve! Fantastic people.”

28 Feb 18- Patient who has moved from the area wanted to thanks all the staff for the great care that we have provided.

1 Mar 18- Patient at Garforth wanted us to know the service we provide is outstanding.

1 Mar 18- card received at Gibson Lane for Wendy saying “Thank you for being so lovely & helpful.  PS you’re simply the best.”

6 Apr- “All the staff within the Practice are very helpful and  I want to pass my thanks on to everyone.”

23 Apr- DC would like to pass on his thanks to Dr Wells for everything she’s done for him.

30 Apr- PG is moving house soon. He wanted to pass on his thanks to all the Practice for help over the years.

30 Apr- Praise for Gill from EW.  She has sent a card  thanking her for listening and caring.

20 May –ML has sent in a card to thank Wendy and Colleen for all their help and kindness towards her.

18 May-  Patient commented on Helena our new Healthcare Assistant saying how lovely and pleasant she is.

15 June- On facebook Kippax Past &Present.  A patient commented about ourselves and a local pharmacy.

“Once again I have had good service from both establishments, yesterday I put in a repeat prescriptions for my wife and I about 10.30am and while I was there, I got some good advice from reception. Today at 3pm prescriptions were delivered in total/ no mistakes!  Well done to Gibson Lane Practice and the local pharmacy”

18 June– Colleen sorted out an urgent prescription for me, urgent daily appointments with the nurses & provided me with leaflets on my conditions.  I like to say how grateful I am for her assistance.

18 June- A couple wanted to praise our reception staff for being very helpful and that they do a brillant job and are perfect on reception.

18 June- A patient passed praise on to the Lead Practice Nurse that Trish had undertaken a very detailed foot check with good advice & support; he was very impressed.

3rd July- AC wanted to pass on her thanks to Donna as she has always treated her well.  Today she felt like Donna was her only friend in the world.  She thinks that Donna has a good ear for listening and has always been helpful over the years.

She wanted to pass on her appreciation.

9th July- SS was seen by Dr Rafiq and was very impressed with her consultation and said he was a lovely Doctor.

3rd August- Website feedback “thank you very much (to Dr Hirst) for being so proactive on my behalf. When you are low in the sleep stakes and start to think there is no way out, it makes a massive difference when your Dr. pulls out all the stops. I am most grateful, thank you!”

6th August–  JH saw Alison Reid (Lead Practice Nurse) at Garforth.
and wanted us to know that “Ali was brilliant. She was professional whilst also putting her at ease.”

21 Sept- Mother of SP just came to the desk after seeing Bernie for his immunisations. She just wanted to pass on how lovely she was and how she explained eveything she was doing.

Comments about our Saturday surgery

  • Really good service on  a Saturday.
  • I work 8-5 Monday-Friday and have no access to a phone between these hours – without the extra hours I can’t see my GP.
  • Excellent service; would certainly support the initiative.